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Organically Raised Produce from New Hampshire

About the CSA Program

One of our favorite things about growing food is learning and employing innovative strategies for getting crops to mature sooner, learning how to store them, and how to keep them producing later into the season and even year-round. We are beginning to specialize and invest in the infrastructure we need to push the limits of New England's growing climate. The CSA program we offer is the result of what we have learned and built so far. This year we are excited to be reserving one of our high tunnels exclusively for early-season CSA crops. We are working with New England soil consultants and university extensions to improve our fertility as well as our understanding of the land in an effort to reliably produce crops that are more difficult to grow organically. We will continue striving to have the best diversity for as many weeks as possible. We want our CSA program to be worth more because it's a better value and will last much longer than your average CSA program in this climate. The CSA model is a cornerstone of this farm's financial and ecological viability. We will continue to expand as quickly as we are able to meet the CSA demands of our immediate and surrounding communities. Thanks for supporting us as we keep trying to produce the best organic vegetables for as long as possible.

Call us at 603-996-1019 if you have individual requests or use the signup form link below:

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